Artistic and Cultural Programming for temporary public art, pop-ups and cultural events for institutions, festivals, and brands 



Legacy Art Strategy for public space, developers and philanthropists

Creative Hub Design catering to creative entrepreneurs and local community stimulus

Commercial Mixed Use and retail pilot-testing platforms on pace with culture and market rent



Advocacy and lobbying for creative economy stimulus and affordable space for youth and culture

Placemaking projects are designed to nurture new destinations and build places for people to call their own, to spark economic stimulus and build toward a future city. They are focused on providing mutual benefit to the public, local business community and value to land owners. At a time of unprecedented urban growth, it's the moment to adopt a build model of empathy and legacy. What we create today builds tomorrow's future.

Better cities reserve place for culture.

Cities are for people. They are ecosystems that depend on values of humanity, liveability, and desire for constant development. Ideologically and physically. Our evolving built environment will be based in smart solutions for a better city, and invoke feelings of inspiration and community. 

inspiration image: Olaf Breuning "Clouds" by NY Public Art Fund

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