A collection of the beliefs that guide the work

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Think like a community.

The future is in our hands, the choices and priorities we set in motion today will have lasting impact to the spirit of our cities.


Destination Crafting 

When we reclaim found + lost space and take it back for city neighbourhoods and residents' livelihood, we offer new and often unconsidered possibility for prosperity.


Collaboration is the new competition

By aligning like-minded people toward collective goals it is achievable to create positive impact on the economy and liveability of cities.


Cities are more than consumers.

With intention, we must build and constantly improve the lives of city residents, creating an inclusive and accessible environment at the ground plane. The public realm is of our design.


Youth is the Future

Cities have a rich creative resource residing in their youth. Deliberate action is necessary to create a climate of potential for their talent and promote opportunity.

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Art creates feelings of belonging

A sense of place and belonging inspires civic passion and energies to advocate for positive change. Cities are for people.


Creative sector is a significant stakeholder.

Building for an ecosystem that strengthens the creative economy creates pathways for collaboration, showcase and intersection and builds this valuable resource will keep cities internationally competitive.